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Litha 2023 Tarot Reading

Litha tarot reading, Princess of Pentacles reversed, The World reversed, the Druidcraft Tarot
Litha 2023 Tarot Reading: Princess of Pentacles reversed & The World reversed - The Druidcraft Tarot by P. & S. Carr-Gomm

Here we are at midsummer. Litha is the time when days and nights are of equal length, nature is full, and the sun at its height. It is a time of joy and celebration of achievements.

The weather in my corner of the world has been rather grim this week with storms and rain, and even earthquakes a few days ago. Some people not far from here have lost their homes and we can have a thought for them. Energy is moving in Gaia's bowels which is clearing places that still hold old stuff that needs to go. 2023 is huge in terms of expansion and the soil cannot stand the pressure anymore. Karmic issues need to be released.

So no walk in nature for me today but the Tarot will still give us some clues about where we stand and where the next six weeks are taking us. As usual, I drew two cards and a couple of oracle cards to illustrate the time of year we are at.


In the Druidcraft Tarot, the Princesses are the Pages so we have a Page of Pentacles here but it is reversed. This is an energy that tells us we are having difficulties seeing our future in terms of mission, professional and financial expansion. There is a good amount of confusion but all is not lost at all since we do receive the Princess of Pentacles so the Pentacles energy is with us. The reversal could also very well be that we are invited to turn inward to find our answers, our portal to more in life, the expansion we yearn for but which is not quite here yet. Let's keep faith focusing on the fact that the energy is present and that with a Page, we are starting something fairly new so we need time and patience. Patience is a very feminine energy because the feminine operates according to seasons and rhythms, but it is also very masculine because a good father teaches his children to have patience to reach their goals, which is masculine in essence. So we can feel into both the Page and the Princess energy here to assist us with that.


We have a major arcana here therefore indicating we are at a major crossroads or end of a cycle; the end of a cycle being the beginning of another (as shown by the Page / Princess of Pentacles). There is a bit of an overlap with these two cards. Is it that we cannot finish off a cycle which is impeding us from starting the new one? Or...the World reversed often indicates that we are almost there but not quite yet so again, we are dealing with this energy that we came across with the previous card. This seems to highlight a liminal moment in our life, meaning we are somewhere between two cycles of life. A big one is definitely ending so it may last all throughout this period which is starting with Litha. Let's take the time to congratulate ourselves because that means we have achieved something significant, a huge phase of development that most likely lasted years (I'm feeling somewhere around twenty years - but maybe it's shorter for you - just like the card number points to), and a new one is in gestation mode, maturing, being seeded in our consciousness and bones, if I can put it that way. Showing up next to a Pentacles card, it definitely has something to do with matter and any form of abundance.


If we take into account the Beltane reading, what was said about the Hanged Man / Unicorn seems to have come true. Nothing has jelled yet, it's still in the making, combining the new perspective forecast by the Hanged Unicorn (if you're not sure, take the time to go back and maybe find where you may have significantly shifted the way you look at life and the world) and downloading it into the physical. There is still a good amount of uncertainty at this stage but that's because this is a liminal moment. We take the time to put a major cycle behind us before we fully embark onto the next. The energy of the World is here, even though it is reversed so that is a sign that we are reaching the end phase of our effort. It'll happen right on time, gracefully, with the help of the angels and our guides, as well as the Universe's, and the blessings of the Goddess. It will be triumphant, just like this card. The triumphant feeling can already be felt inside (reversal) and we can feel something of importance is imminent.


An animal spirit and flower remedy to wrap up this Litha Tarot Reading. Butterfly tells us that we are ready to transform with wisdom, which is a beautiful validation of the overall energy of this reading: we are on the brisk of something very new. Sunflower invites us to smile...and that may be because we are allowed to already reap and enjoy the fruit of our labor, our efforts, our constant, hard, alchemical work. Sunflower reminds us that smiling has a profound healing effect and through this healing, we facilitate the arrival of all the good things we've been working toward.


I know not everyone loves the summer and the heat...but in any case, do bask in these energies of maturity and fullness that Litha brings to us. Be with a lush Mother Gaia and the blue canopy over your head. Greet the birds, the butterflies, and the colorful wildflowers!

Healing Crystals

Tiger's eye, sunstone, carnelian, emerald

Oracle Cards

Archangel Animal Oracle Cards - Diana Cooper

Flower Therapy Oracle Cards - Robert Reeves (& Doreen Virtue)


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