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Litha 2024 Tarot Reading

Litha 2024 Tarot Reading: Ace of Swords & The Lord (The Emperor) - The Druidcraft Tarot by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm
Litha 2024 Tarot Reading: Ace of Swords & The Lord (The Emperor) - The Druidcraft Tarot by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

We are at midsummer already and summer hasn't started yet in my part of the world. We've had an awfully rainy (and quite cold!) spring season...but it's looking good as next week, the sun and temperatures above 25°C will be with us it seems. Finally!

At Imbolc, the Goddess became pregnant. Now, she is fully pregnant. The Sun God that was reborn at the Winter solstice is at the height of its virility. This being the peak of the solar year, the heat yields its life-giving power which is why we are nearing the harvest season. That will be the next festival.

This is also a time for joy, expansion and celebration of achievements.

At this mid-year time of the victory of light, let's ask the Tarot what achievements we should focus on and celebrate (reap).


The mind wants to be with us. I read yesterday on Facebook that the upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn which will occur on June 22 carries with it a strong grounding and rational energy so it may have something to do with that. With an ace, we are stepping into a new way of thinking. It may be a new way to think about ourselves, perceive ourselves because of a lot of recent healing and upgrading. It is a new self-image not based on our emotional state or physical appearance but on an integration and deep understanding that reason is just as important as emotion - a view which is not very popular in spiritual circles which are often dominated by the broken female energies that are not of the highest frequency.

So it is a new belief system, a new type of perceiving and a perception that encompasses a larger part of ourselves, the more logical, rational mind, which serves a great purpose in fact because it excels, when associated with the right amount of emotion, at calming us down, balancing us and bringing us deep and real peace.

The hand holding the sword on the card emerges out of a lake, out of water which may point to this same idea that the sword will help us cut through the emotional hogwash, some of it, let it be said, may not even be ours. So that sword is very much welcomed in case you are dealing with a bit of a conflictual relationship situation. It may highlight the fact that this new perception comes from the fact you are being freed from attachments that no longer serve you.

The sword is Archangel Michael's Sword of Truth which cuts through the lies, bad faith and hypocrisy and is reminiscent of Excalibur in Arthurian myth.

You are done with all that. This straight, double-edged, sharp sword is your friend now and it won't let you drown in your emotional excesses , should those happen again, or those of other people. You know your sword is at hand's reach and you won't hesitate to use it if required.

Regarding the suit of Swords, let it be reminded that Swords were with us at Yule and then again at Beltane. After healing heart breaks with the help of the shrewd and decisive Queen of Swords, we are gifted a whole new mindscape. A significant detail that could be mentioned is the birch tree which appears on the card as it is the tree of birth and beginnings. Enjoy your new clarity!


This would be the Emperor in a Rider-Waite deck. We are looking at a very stern-looking man with antlers on his helmet. His sitting position on a rocky throne with Celtic symbols is very self-assured with one leg crossed over the other, and a solid wooden staff firmly planted on the ground like a scepter. His whole attitude means: 'Do not mess with me, I'm the Lord.' However, because he is the Lord, we know he is the embodiment of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Masculine, though tough and authoritative, is not authoritarian or uselessly brutal and that is why he inspires awe, respect and trust. The members of the tribe know they can count on him for powerful decisions, protection, but also his kind heart. He is the father of the community members. The antlers may be giving him some qualities of the stag such as pride, majesty and integrity. In fact, he may very well be the god of nature, Cernunnos indicating he is connected to the natural and spiritual world to wisely rule over the physical and human world.

This is a major arcana so it definitely means that you are learning (or have learned) the lessons to generate your own inner Lord and your Divine Masculine qualities and skills, such as mastery over the order that brings success. We can see a direct link to the Ace of Swords here. Obviously, the mind is more connected to the masculine so it is most evidently a new persona you are creating that will help you rise and reach a higher level of success and achievement.

The Lord may also represent a strong male individual in your life like your father, your boss, your brother, your partner who may be able to inspire you, whose qualities you may need to embody more.

Take some time to feel into this character and the aspect that is rising inside you. The Divine Masculine is a very rare energy on our planet so do connect to and look at the Lord to understand and become him more.


Indeed, like the Capricorn Full Moon looming on the horizon alludes to, this reading contains a lot of rational, mental, logical energy. When we see the Lord, we instinctively think about the Lady. Let us not forget that it is always in unison that they operate the best so even if the Lady does not appear in the reading, she cannot be very far away from her beloved Lord and it is the same inside you. That is how the child is born; that is how creativity functions. And indeed, the lake on the Ace of Swords evokes the realms of emotions which the Lady symbolizes.

However, the focus is most positively drawn on clarity and structure. Those can be needed to update and let go of a situation. That is when clarity and power can be summoned and harshness necessary.


The card shows a grey mare so here we have some female energy. The keywords for Horse are the Goddess, the land and travel. The horse is a psychopomp creature. This may be the card we needed to balance out this reading since it brings an energy of motherly protection and guidance during our travels through our life, the times of death, the times of rebirth and everything in between. So turn to Horse to connect with the Goddess, the land you stand on in order to draw your strength.

It may mean a literal trip somewhere too.


Chamomile's keywords are rest, guardianship and regeneration. It is a plant that promotes a good night's sleep. As you are letting go of some burdensome past, beliefs, thoughts and fog in order to become more 'imperial' or regal, you may need to take special care of your body because that is not going to happen without some re-adjusting. As the mind is moving up a notch so is the body doing it too. It is a time of regeneration. You are also being the guardian, the keeper of your new inner garden. So make sure you make time in order to connect with all that has been said throughout this reading since new resources are being born within you. The little flower of Chamomile evokes the sun, lightness and vitality. This is the more playful side of this reading asking you to stay in touch with your enthusiasm.


This feels like a major time in our evolution, the end of a chapter, a big lesson learned and that is the achievement we need to celebrate and reap and for that, we need rest, regeneration, calm, peace, some sun, and lots of joy. This harvest had been a long time, many years quite possibly, in the making and the Tarot, through an ace and a major arcana is validating that on this summer solstice, we can unreservedly congratulate ourselves for the gift of our hard work.

And that would make for a happy Litha, I believe! In good company with Horse, Chamomile, the Goddess, Mother Gaia, Cernunnos, the Lord and Excalibur!

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Carnelian, citrine, green fluorite, tiger's eye, lapis lazuli, Herkimer diamond

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