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Lughnasadh 2023 Tarot Reading

Lughnasadh Tarot reading 2023 - Princess of Wands - Two of Pentacles reversed - The Druidcraft Tarot
Lughnasadh 2023 Tarot Reading: Princess of Wands & Two of Pentacles reversed - The Druidcraft Tarot by P. & S. Carr-Gomm

As the sun winds down and the days are ever so discreetly getting shorter, here comes the time for the commemoration of Lugh, Celtic sun god of light and fire. This festival marks the beginning of the harvesting and reaping season and the preparation for the upcoming fall equinox . Compared to Imbolc and Beltane, Lughnasadh is a more masculine celebration. Lugh is the god who rules over craftsmen, musicians, healers, and magicians. Finally, he is the leader of the Tuatha Dé Danann Irish tribe.

As usual, it is time to stop and meditate over what may be in store for us so without further ado, here are the two cards drawn for this occasion.


In the Druidcraft Tarot, the Princesses are the Pages so here we have a Wands court card indicating that we may be starting something new, exploring some new skill or maybe project that we need to do some research on. A new identity may be trying to come through. Litha revealed to us that we were dealing with the World energy reversed so there was somewhat of a standstill then. It could be understood that after being in waiting mode, we are now facing the new phase in its very first stages. It could be that we are realizing something deep about ourselves, our mission, healing some major wounding or resolving a major obstacle that may have plagued us our entire life in order to attain some higher goal but as we know, no goal can be reached without prior overcoming of all that blocks us and our progress. It feels as if the Princess of Wands is pointing towards the start of a significant evolution associated with our passion and igniting our drive as we are in the suit of Wands. So let's explore this energy, both by observing it, letting it be and showing us the way and the next steps to take. Adventure is in order!


This card shows that we are somehow not quite mastering things on the outside and need to go within. It may be a time where our focus needs to be within, especially if, as shown by the Princess of Wands, we are starting some significant new project and building up a new identity. At this time, there may be an amount of financial setbacks or we may be confused as to how to prioritize. No worries! Take a break and a breath and let it come to you! The summer is slowly coming to an end, it may not quite be the time to forge ahead but instead take it easy and give our attention to the harvest and reaping the fruits of our recent efforts, whatever they may have been, or simply enjoy the work that has been done during the Litha cycle in order to find the new direction that we may be taking with the previous card. The last rays of sun should tell you where you need to be.


It seems to be a time both for openness to new ideas or a new vision as well as for taking it easy, avoid rushing and make sure we are well balanced inside with a good amount of peace which is what will lead us in the right direction. Based on the last two readings, Beltane and Litha, we are in a process where slow motion and adopting a new perspective are pivotal. And since Lugh is the god of craftspeople, we may be well inspired to call him in in order to be inspired. This year has consistently reminded us to be patient and Lugh tells us to adopt persistence. This may not be a time where we see many tangible and obvious results but if, as told by the Tarot over the last couple of seasons, it is a time of renewal, that would be quite normal. Lugh will help with any discouragement we may encounter, like a big brother. His sunny, warm energy will accompany us. After all, Lugh means 'The Shining One' so may he shine over our path.


The Magician card was added to the reading because of the rooster featured on it which is associated with this festival so that is another energy to tap into and Lugh is the patron of magicians so let's put on our magician cloak and let's heed the beautiful wise rooster that announces a new day! This time of harvest, as illustrated by Wheat, is a time of abundance. We are asked to appreciate and enjoy what we have, our current experience which is already full and the basis for our future. Give thanks and dwell on the achievements before moving on!


Lughnasadh is a really special moment, spot on during the Lion's Gate Portal so it's like receiving a double blessing today, both Celtic and Egyptian with a Sirian feel to it. In the same way this Lughnasadh predicts a new bend in the road, the Lion's Gate Portal is the start of the new galactic year and a period where abundance was celebrated. Since abundance seems to be so prevalent right now, let's give it a bit or our attention, time, and love.

Healing Crystals

Carnelian, citrine, orange calcite, amethyst

Oracle Cards

Ascended Masters Oracle Cards - Doreen Virtue

The Druid Plant Oracle - Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm


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