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Mabon 2023 Tarot Reading

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Mabon 2023 Tarot Reading: Six of Swords & Nine of Cups - The Druidcraft Tarot by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

Here we are at the Autumn / Fall equinox called Alban Elfed in the Druidic / Celtic tradition, or Mabon. It is a time of fulfillment.

As the story goes, the goal of Celtic and Druidic spirituality is to catch one of the salmon that swim in the sacred pool at the source of the river Boyne in Eire to either eat it or ride on its back to find the Mabon, the Celtic child-god of Light who brings eternal life.

This goal really is the attainment of wisdom, love, and creative fulfillment and to achieve it, going back is necessary. That is the meaning of the sacred source. The salmon swims back to its birthing ground to spawn. We need to return to our childhood and sometimes farther than that to find renewal. So I added the card of Salmon to the reading; we'll explore it at the end.


No reversals in this reading. The energies are straightforward. The Six of Swords is a card of journeying to a new life. Based on the last few readings (Beltane, Litha, and Lughnasadh) where we were adopting a new perspective, very slowly ending a major cycle, standing in a liminal space, being patient until the new phase started, and gently stepping into the new, this card feels like a huge encouragement that indeed, the time to leave the old behind has come and the time to embrace the new is right here in front of us. September is a time of harvesting, going back to school, a new year in the Celtic (and Jewish) traditions, like a rosh hashanah (ראש השנה), the start of the year. The crossing looks calm and peaceful on this card. We see a couple who is traveling alone and looking straight ahead to the shore in front of them and looking forward to their new life on the new land. The death-like figure pushing the boat seems to represent the necessary grieving that comes with a new start but only so new room is made to welcome it, not in a painful way, even though starting anew always involves a little bit of pain. However here, it is not the main energy. The figure stands behind the couple and they are clearly leaning forward towards what's to come with anticipation.


A splendid and unambiguous validation that emotional rewards are finally here and even happiness and the fulfillment of long-held dreams! Haven't we waited for all of that for ages and been steadily and diligently preparing for it since at least Beltane (but most likely years and years)? This is our first Cups card this year! 2023 was meant to be a turning point and it looks like it is! The achievement is most felt at the emotional level since this is a Cups card. Looking at the dish on the card, one may wonder if it is...a salmon? Let's say it is one so that would mean, based on the introduction to this reading, that we have, in a big, significant way, reached a level of wisdom, creative fulfillment and love so this is a time of celebration and self-appreciation. This card indicates there is even more to come (it is a Nine, not a Ten) so we shouldn't give in to laziness! This Nine of Cups is probably what the couple of the Six of Swords was journeying towards.


The Six of Swords tells us the Mabon season is going to be a transition time. Hardships are over, healing is here, and we are going towards the Nine of Cups so contentment is on the horizon. However, let's not let complacency or over-indulgence trip us up. The crossing is in progress and we need to make sure we reach the shore safely so let's keep our focus on that. There is tension to uphold still, which may not feel very pleasant, but we are putting the final touches, dealing with the final residue, covering the last stretch. This is when faith is most necessary and maybe most difficult to keep. With the new perspective gained in the spring, we are well-armed to take the ultimate test and pass it.


Salmon brings the energies of wisdom, inspiration and rejuvenation. It is deeply revered in the Druidic tradition as it is the oldest animal. Salmon needs to swim upstream to go back to its birthing place to mate and spawn and therefore shows great courage through the difficulty. That is what we have done to get to this present stage: we've shown great dedication, perseverence and persistence. The shadow work done to reach the wisdom offered by Salmon finds its climax in a feeling of youthfulness and innocence which is true liberation and freedom. Salmon will also assist us to find the right inspiration to graduate.


Quite an uplifting Tarot reading we have here! I hope it resonates somewhat with what you are going through and experiencing. May the Mabon portal safely take you into the Libra season of the planet and goddess Venus closer to love and emotional beauty, and may the crossing be joyful and heart-warming!

Healing Crystals

Rose quarts, rhodochrosite

Oracle Card

The Druid Animal Oracle - Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm


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