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Ostara 2024 Tarot Reading

Ostara, Spring Equinox, Tarot Reading, Fool, Prince of Cups, The Druidcraft Tarot by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm
Ostara 2024 Tarot Reading: The Fool & Prince of Cups - The Druidcraft Tarot by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

Ostara is a solar festival marking the beginning of spring and is associated with the goddess Ostara, sometimes named Eostre (hence the words 'East' where the sun rises, bringing more light, and 'Easter'). This is a festival associated with many cute little animals and symbols and pastel colors that are quite ravishing. The shamrock or trefoil is also associated with this festival. St Patrick's Day was a couple of days ago but in the Druidic tradition, the trefoil is associated with Artemis, who fed her hinds on trefoil. Trefoil reminds us of the Trinity which has Druidic roots: the Triple Goddess as well as the symbol of Awen, which is the symbol of Druidry: /|\ .

My question for the upcoming season was: 'What can we expect from the first fires of spring?'


Well! Isn't that perfect since Ostara is a time for new projects? This card also appeared in the Samhain 2023 reading. So why again? We are progressing in increments, in quanta, as could also be said (reference to quantum mechanics). So as I see it, we reached a new plateau in our emotional evolution in the fall and six months later, it is happening again. The Samhain reading focused on facing our fears. In the fall, we were still struggling with the situation we were working on. It was old. It felt old. We were not sure what conclusion to hope for. It was in a state of final resolution and we were still wondering how it would turn out. It still needed some tweaking. The last six months were useful for that. Now, as a new sunny season starts, we are leaving all of that behind. We now know how it did turn out. We now know what to make of it. Getting the Fool again is a reminder to keep going in this direction where we are healing and meeting more of ourselves. It is a validation of the energy we had in the fall as if the Fool was telling us: 'don't forget you are walking along a new path here. Keep going in the direction of your self-realization and dreams. Don't think it's over just because reality is not looking like what you wanted.'


This card would be the Knight of Cups and we all know the Knight of Cups is romantic and dreamy. He represents the quest for the Grail. Which reminds me of Ostara, goddess of fertility. The Grail represents the feminine principle so even though the Prince is a male energy, he brings the female principle, the cup in his hand, the Grail. There is kind of a conflict in that the Prince of Cups is about action but it is also about dreaming so how do you act when you are caught up in dreams? The answer is to follow your heart. We are building an emotional dwelling inside us. We are strengthening our emotional selves in a new way and the Fool is guiding us reminding us it is most definitely a new project, a new aspect of us. We are carving the new emotional identity that we have been working on since the beginning of the fall season (I'm thinking all the way back to Mabon, the crossing). The new shore we reached wasn't as extraordinary as we were hoping but this period is demanding we give the best of us (Yule reading with the Queen of Swords, a little rationality is needed for balance). All of that is still valid but we should not forget to dream a little while letting the feminine energy fertilize our dreams.


We have answers we didn't have in the fall and around Yule and even Imbolc. This really is a time of redefinition of who we are and of what future we are creating. The degree of uncertainty is high and it's taxing but we know we are reshaping something major from the bottom up. This 'something' is related to emotions, emotions often being the first step towards manifestation on a more material level. For now, let's focus on the newness, even if this has been going on for several months. It is really like being reborn because the changes are so deep and recalibrate who we are in some significant way that we may not have experienced before. For now, go along smoothly, enjoy the process, however endless and uncomfortable it may feel, dream up something new, and trust that slow time yields slow, wonderful, life-changing results.


Ostara is the Teutonic (Germanic) goddess of fertility and springtime. She tells us to start new projects and endeavors to give birth to new conditions. We can call upon her to increase the fruitfulness of our efforts, including our dreams. We can also ask her to help us energize ourselves, capitalize positive energies, new light, new vitality. That will fuel our minds, our hearts and our creative projects that may prove useful for our future circumstances even if we don't know it yet. 'Ostara, help us turn our attention to the innocent joy of spring!'


The message of Rabbit is: 'Recognize your significance' and in my opinion, it is exactly the message we need to hear and receive right now and that echoes perfectly all the hard work we are doing on and within ourselves, as described above. We are at some turning point in our lives and this is no small feat. The Archangel associated with Rabbit is Gabriel. Gabriel is about purification, clarity, joy and hope so let's focus on purifying ourselves and live in joy and the grace we are blessed with to manoeuver this major shift in ourselves and our lives.


Leaving some major past behind, working on some major new future, let's be present to enjoy Ostara, Easter in a couple of weeks, Rabbit, eggs, a symbol of potentials, and all the symbology of this sweet time of year when everything is filling up with light, warmth and is so promising.

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Aquamarine, rose quartz, moonstone, amethysts

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