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Samhain 2023 Tarot Reading

Samhain tarot reading, nine of wands reversed, the fool, cerridwen, raven, juniper, black tourmaline, crystal quartz, Druidcraft Tarot
Samhuinn 2023 Tarot Reading: Nine of Wands reversed & The Fool - The Druidcraft Tarot by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

Samhuinn, or Samhain, comes from two old Celtic words that mean 'summer's end'. Some scholars believe it to be the original Celtic new year. In the ancient worldview, darkness always precedes the light, which makes sense as new life always starts in the darkness of the womb. This is reminiscent of the Tarot in which the feminine also precedes the masculine: The High Priestess precedes the Hierophant, the Empress precedes the Emperor, and the Moon precedes the Sun.

This is a time of death, degeneration, and new beginning, the Scorpio season of the end of old projects, and transformation by working through our fears and in order to be reborn like the Phoenix. We can also use this time to rest as days are the shortest.

I asked the Tarot what is in store for us and how we can get closer to mastery and peace.


Wands is the suit of passion, fire, desire and all things spiritual, as related to our spirit. Nine indicates the end of a cycle so this is perfect and well in tune and alignment with this festival. The card is reversed and that tells us we need to go within which, again, is quite relevant to Samhuinn and what was said above, namely facing our fears. What are we afraid of that is keeping us stuck? Could it be that we find it hard to be objective and optimistic? Are we feeling overwhelmed by our current situation? Is it too much to bear? So why don't we try to see things more lightly and less defensively? Time to believe in our luck, in ourself. Even if this mission seems to take a little too much from us, we know deep down we can make it. This card upright is about the final challenge so let's make sure we find the new approach, the right resources within (reversal) to succeed, even if success is delayed. This may be connected to the Mabon reading in which we had the Nine of Cups in the second position. The good feeling of the Nine of Cups may be delayed or not as flamboyant as we may have hoped but it's here and not just as a potential but truly here so let's amplify it through the power of our mind ('I can', solar plexus chakra) and through a conscious choice. There is a definite improvement in our situation and in how we feel so we need to make sure we always remember this is not insurmountable.

I will add that the human condition is fraught with jealousy, envy, what is sometimes called the evil eye, and with jealousy come many obstacles that 'should not' have been there in the first place. I like to turn to Ganesh and recite or chant his mantra to ask for support:

Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha

It is a mantra that is known to remove obstacles. You can even find it online to help you elevate your recitation. Deva Premal has a very nice voice and musical sense that can help chant this mantra and connect with beloved Ganesh.


No kidding! The very first major arcana in the second position of a Samhuinn reading! How perfect is that?! The Fool being all about new beginnings and new cycles too! So that means in fact that this is not just a new beginning, it is a new life cycle starting now and a destined one to boot. It is most likely related to the new emotional level that was forecast in the Mabon reading. The Nine of Cups is not the best in terms of fulfillment as that card tells us something hidden is still at play behind the scene and despite the apparent satisfaction, but it is enough to launch us onto a new frequency where we may focus on feeling better about ourself and the future that we are working on, as reminded by the Nine of Wands reversed that invites us to believe in our purpose despite the many crucifixions along the way. With this card, we are also in the presence of optimism, just like with the previous card. The Fool is not alone in his new adventure: his gifts, wisdom and ancestors are with him, as well as his loyal friend, representing his anima so his inner counterpart. This particular card is rich in symbolism as the wand he's holding is reminiscent of the previous card, and tells us once more that all potentialities are possible. I feel that one of them is nothing other than self-belief. Self-belief is what leads to miracles. It requires inner discipline (Nine of Wands reversed), mental discipline and a pinch of spontaneity in order to overcome the heavy feeling of that first card.


There may be an underlying feeling or dragging feeling of defeat that is disheartening us at this time but the endeavor we are working on is not for the faint of heart and we know that. Something has happened this year and the Mabon season did indeed take us to a new shore as the reading had told us it would. It may not be the spectacular sight we were anticipating but if we keep in mind that life is a crossing, it is easier to put things into perspective and remember that we are always progressing and learning. The contentment of the Nine of Cups is real and our ego and wounded self, or what remains of it, may pull us down more than what is needed and fair...objectively. Now let's give our full attention to the new place we find ourself in, the wisdom, power, stability gained recently because in order to advance spiritually, the focus on self has to be polished up and perfected to a masterful level. Be serious about your goals, but always remain open about what they look like is the energy of this reading. Let life surprise you. Let miracles surprise you. That is peace.


Juniper's keywords are: cleansing, pioneering, and magic. This tree was used to cleanse. Juniper is a tree that connects to the spirit realms and that's why it is so connected to Samhuinn. It acts as a portal between our world and the world of our deceased ancestors whom Samhuinn celebrates. It will protect you if you'd like to explore the hereafter. However, it is also an indicator that we need to complete something, let something die, which is why it is associated to Samhuinn. It's message is that if you need to move on and allow the new in your life, you first need to cleanse your current space. So the releasing and the welcoming are linked. Ending, beginning and the portal between the two. Juniper protects the traveler who takes risks, both horizontally and vertically for a good start determines a good outcome by bringing in the magic (remember to be surprised by miracles). Plus, it's a really pretty tree with its blue hues.


Raven's keywords are: healing, initiation, protection. Of course, being a bird connected to Samhuinn, we notice its qualities are very similar to Juniper's qualities. Healing is a form of cleansing, initiation and pioneering hold hands, and protection is not magic but when we feel protected as, actually, Juniper also does, it is easier for magic to strike because we let it. So welcome Raven, the big black bird of Samhuinn that protects you just like the black tourmaline crystals added to this reading. So...Raven facilitates healing. What is healing? It is the reconciliation of the opposites, the polarities, starting with feminine and masculine. So don't forget that the portal opened and protected by Juniper and Raven must lead you to more integration. That is how you will grow and move forward.

Raven is also a bird that typically brings a message like a prophecy, and it may come from your ancestors or previous lifetimes so listen carefully! It may be critical to your healing.


Cerridwen is a Welsh goddess of death and rebirth. In the story of Cerridwen, she morphs into several animals as she is chasing Gwion. She also eats him and gives birth to him later so we see here that this moon goddess, symbolizing the Mother Goddess, is the principle that gives us life and therefore all that we need to thrive in that life. Working with the Goddess requires a lot of faith which is a crucial condition to allow for the miracles to take place and take us where we need to go with whomever we need to go there. This is a reminder to allow and act when inspiration whispers in our ear. She is associated to Samhuinn for the same reasons: let go and let life. What you lose never was meant for you and leaves room for what is designed for you.


The theme of endings and beginnings has accompanied us throughout the year but this time, it is highlighted. Whoever is on the path to ascension or spiritual advancement knows that it is a path of constant clearing, cleansing, healing, deaths and rebirths. Samhuinn is here to stress the fact that this is normal, no need to be afraid, we are never alone, life unfolds as it should, and just like this festival celebrates the space between two worlds, life is a journey of standing between two worlds, always leaving behind, always beginning anew, ever closer to our final destination. That is the hopeful, but sometimes gruelling, feminine way. Enjoy this end and enjoy this new beginning! Appreciate and thank your protectors, guides, and facilitators for they are many and very devoted!

Healing Crystals

Black tourmaline, crystal quartz, chiastolite

Oracle Cards

The Druid Plant Oracle - Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

The Druid Animal Oracle - Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

The Goddess Oracle - Amy Sophia Marashinsky


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