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Separation Is a Virus - Part 1/3

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Separation from Self - Separation from others - Separation from the Divine - Separation from Life

☥ Welcome to my Mystery School – The Temples of Isis ☥

The state of equilibrium and harmony that all souls seek (each in its own pace and following its own choices and its unique path) is born out of the inner union of all the polarities. Spiritual mastery could be defined as a state of fulfilllment and wholeness resulting from that union. The more you progress toward higher dimensions, the smaller the divide between those polarities until divinity is reached: light and darkness intermingle.

The human experience is about returning to this virginal state. But why do we carry a separation within us? Why are we disconnected from the original blueprint? How did the fall happen?


The word ‘fall’ is reminiscent of Atlantis. Atlantis achieved a Golden Age. The Atlanteans lived in peace as a race but also with their habitat and environment (plants, animals, minerals: it was a society that mastered the science of crystals at prodigious levels). They were conscious of their divine identity and honored the feminine as much as the masculine as well as all the polarities that are respectively associated to both of them.

Some of us in Atlantis formed alliances with dark entities and experiments were carried out that led to mental manipulations. It is during those experiments that were introduced in the Atlantean consciousness notions such as control, possessiveness and ownership and that is how and when the disconnect from the original blueprint started. All of that ended up bringing about a progressive and irreversible lowering of frequency of the entire continent, the first separation of twin flame couples, war and finally its destruction and immersion.

The fall of Atlantis is a trauma that remains in the collective unconscious. Lately, the energies of Atlantis have slowly been rising again and they are calling for a profound healing.


To heal means to viscerally, vibrationally, cellularly and mentally understand that the separation of the feminine and masculine principles is the most painful and grievous wound humanity has suffered since it is the root cause of the loss of heaven on Earth that Atlantis was all throughout its Golden Age. It also echoes the loss of union with Source right before the creation of the physical universe. This wound is not personal, it is collective. It does not belong to anyone and it affects everybody. It acts like a psychic virus passed down from one generation to the next. Modern psychology has attempted in every possible way to come close to, grasp, identify, pinpoint, name, define, circumscribe this split, this wound of the human psyche and succeeded up to a point but somehow, something has been missing…

This virus has infiltrated all areas of earthly life: religion, politics, the military, business and the banking system, the media, education, interpersonal relationships between spouses, friends, co-workers, members of a same family, including parents and children and brothers and sisters, and, of course, sexuality, thus generating a lot of apathy and ignorance and therefore dysfunctional behaviors such as addictions, shame, fear, guilt, violence, jealousy, and subjecting the inhabitants of this planet to many and surprising forms of slavery. Women in particular have been special targets throughout human history since our patriarchal culture rejects a whole aspect of its divine nature that women embody. This remains true nowadays at various degrees in almost all societies across the globe, including western societies because after the separation of the divine masculine and feminine and the lowering of frequency, both principles developped toxic attitudes which are now considered normal and inevitable.


Thanks to an impeccable honesty, we can begin to understand, without any judgment, blame or condemnation but, on the contrary, remembering the perfection of the evolution of the universe constantly learning about itself, the degree of degradation that the planet has reached. We do have the maturity to allow ourselves to see and speak with a new integrated clarity in order to facilitate and foster the return toward the fifth-dimensional frequency.

How does the psychic virus manifest itself exactly?


Please share respectfully with clear credit to the author and active links to this website.

For good karma...


We are in an age of desinformation, seduction, lies, and immaturity where intelligence, purity, and truth are the first victims. The content of this blog aims at restoring the bases of an emotionally and spiritually sound and enlightened society. It may feel a bit extreme and maybe offensive to some people. Truth, in essence, is immutable and wages war against falsehood. Therefore, it is quite naturally belligerent and triggers the vain, superficial, and immature ego only used to getting its ways and immediate gratification. It is its role and goal: get out of the state of hypnosis and mental control that a vast majority of people in this world are in, and raise awareness in this age of darkness and complacency. I wish to make it clear that I do not write these articles to be nice, or not nice for that matter, but to serve the Great Cause which is universal Love and the return of the Goddess, our divine Mother. Facing the truth takes great courage (the root of which is cor in Latin, meaning ‘heart’, therefore having courage takes heart). The wisdom offered on this blog reflects the mission I’m on since without truth, we lose our freedom altogether. The stifling lack of truth these days explains for the equally stifling presence of modern slavery which, let’s make no mistake about it, is the current condition of the human race.

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