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Separation Is a Virus - Part 2/3

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The inner separation of the Feminine & Masculine causes havoc in everybody's life. The healing is the Hieros Gamos, the Sacred Union.

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(You are invited to read the first part of this article beforehand in order to better benefit from the content of this one, grasp its true meaning and its real and profound repercussions.)

How does the psychic virus manifest itself exactly?


It’s a shapeshifting virus, meaning it is a virus that changes shapes in order to take advantage of and distort the situation at hand to its own benefit, whatever the moment and the people involved. It acts like a living creature with a proper consciousness. Therefore, it is crucial to learn to recognize its energetic signature to avoid being manipulated by the harmful narratives it feeds the mind with.

The virus will make you look at life from a ‘doom and gloom’ standpoint. It will systematically drop your vibration whenever you start feeling good, find your flow and zest for life. It will convince you that no one loves you and that you are a loner anyway. It will lead you to belittle yourself and underrate your work, your ideas, your creativity, your initiatives, your situation in life, your professional situation, your financial situation, your love situation…It will push you into an attitude of victimization and will repeatedly whisper in your ear that you attract bad luck. All of this can lead to depression or suicidal tendencies.


With such a stream of thoughts going on in your mind, you will end up feeling empty, you will lose your vitality, your enthusiasm, your liveliness, your sparkle, your charisma and in this state of severe energetic deficit, you will have to fill yourself up again, recharge and replenish yourself and find your strength back again one way or another.


That’s precisely when the victim becomes either the perpetrator: they criticize the people they admire and envy, their work, their creativity, their ideas, their genius, their courage, their boldness, their uniqueness, their freedom, their selfishness, their happiness, their money, their light-heartedness, their self-confidence, their success, their luck etc, or the savior: they set out to rescue those they consider less favored or evolved than themselves like the poor, women, children, animals, refugees, the homeless, the unemployed, their friends, their children, their partner etc.


This is not to judge or condemn the roles described above but to pinpoint behavioral dynamics that pervade our society in order to distance ourselves from them and, in due time, put an end to them through self-love. This is not to question actions of solidarity and humanitarian and social aid resulting from duality but to understand mechanisms that underlie our drives and motivations in order to shed some light on them and allow each one of us to make more conscious choices and manage our personal energy more positively, which is the ultimate and final goal of self-love.


The virus will take hold of the mind and provide a feeling of omnipotence and superiority over others. It is at this precise moment that you ‘leave the heart’ and ‘go to the mind’: the spontaneous flow of love, friendship, generosity, joy, trust is interrupted and replaced by a tension that didn’t exist before. The targeted person feels this withdrawal and this tension, does not understand them, suffers from them, is weakened psychically and leaks what belongs to them: their energy, their light, their magic, their glow. Again, it is at this precise moment that the siphoning takes place and that the energetic ressources of the person in lack are temporarily restored.

In the case of a more unassuming, more submissive personality, negative self-talk will be harsher and will override the need to dominate a prey to feed off of it. Self-destructive behaviors will be more pronounced but siphoning type of dynamics will still be present.

Self-degrading inner talk consists of shame, guilt, self-hatred, bitterness, regrets, fear, alienation, intellectual and artistic self-depreciation, constant self-blame, lack of self-confidence and self-respect, a weak sense of worthiness…


Various ways to handle attacks by the virus might be: resorting to substances or substitutes such as drug, alcohol, sex, pornography and other sexual perversions, co-dependency to other people including celebrities, surrendering your free will to belief systems such as the media, a religion, an extremist or fundamentalist ideology, or any other form of activism or spiritual dogma, in other words, whatever encourages you to invest your energy outside rather than turning inward for answers and resolution.

The virus, when active, will make you lie. Lying in this case is unconscious, but verbal expression is insidiously affected by the presence of the virus in the psyche. You will lie (to yourself and others) to protect yourself, manipulate, flatter in order to get something you want and, last but not least, to avoid speaking your truth and sincerely reveal your authenticity out of shame and fear.

Finally, one very real danger, and maybe the worst, is denial: to run away from the pain caused by separation, the temptation to deny all pain is often the survival reflex that is adopted and you then convince yourself you are fine and strong and that whatever is going on or happened is not a big deal…That danger is probably the worst because it ruins all perspective for transformation. Denial is a way to close your heart and dismiss feelings.


After an attack, the virus will give you a break to let you forget all about it, then it will rear its ugly head again just when you least expect it, in a different area altogether. It is amazing the variety of shapes it can take on. Another cycle sets off: new pressing and imperative need to remedy the inner energetic deficiency born of the habit of comparing yourself to others.


Those patterns point toward a lack of self-love accompanied by a block preventing a direct access to the source of universal love and expose the darkest, most painful and excruciating aspects of the human psyche. It is the reason why a staggering amount of self-love is necessary, that requires all the power available to a soul and heart to overcome them.

We could conclude that the psychic virus is a broken-hearted child, a temperamental child whose father, the masculine, and mother, the feminine have separated. The reunion of ‘mom and dad’ holds the extraordinary potential to heal this virus vying for the attention of its parents and in need of just one thing: to feel loved in order to transform itself.

This virus is in each one of us, consequently, the power is also in each one of us: reconciling both principles is the key toward resolution, neutralization, unity and peace.

What are some concrete and efficient techniques to practice self-love in order to boost and support the return to a state of equilibrium and harmony and what does a life post-reconciliation look and feel like?


Please share respectfully with clear credit to the author and active links to this website. For good karma...


We are in an age of desinformation, seduction, lies, and immaturity where intelligence, purity, and truth are the first victims. The content of this blog aims at restoring the bases of an emotionally and spiritually sound and enlightened society. It may feel a bit extreme and maybe offensive to some people. Truth, in essence, is immutable and wages war against falsehood. Therefore, it is quite naturally belligerent and triggers the vain, superficial, and immature ego only used to getting its ways and immediate gratification. It is its role and goal: get out of the state of hypnosis and mental control that a vast majority of people in this world are in, and raise awareness in this age of darkness and complacency. I wish to make it clear that I do not write these articles to be nice, or not nice for that matter, but to serve the Great Cause which is universal Love and the return of the Goddess, our divine Mother. Facing the truth takes great courage (the root of which is cor in Latin, meaning ‘heart’, therefore having courage takes heart). The wisdom offered on this blog reflects the mission I’m on since without truth, we lose our freedom altogether. The stifling lack of truth these days explains for the equally stifling presence of modern slavery which, let’s make no mistake about it, is the current condition of the human race.

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