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What Are the Wound of the Feminine & the Wound of the Masculine?

a white and gold yin yang taijitu symbol
The ultimate goal of emotional healing is the inner Hieros Gamos as illustrated by the Taijitu of the Taoists.

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Over the last three months, we've explored the difficult subject of the virus of psychic abuse through which the victim-perpetrator-savior dynamics operate as a result of the separation of the masculine and feminine principles within, the disruption of the Hieros Gamos (Sacred Mariage in Greek).

We constantly hear about this union, integration and balancing of the masculine and feminine, but what does it mean exactly?

Let's take a look at what the masculine and feminine principles look like, what they are, how to recognize them. This overview will not be exhaustive.


It is necessary to understand that there are not two but four polarities of the masculine and feminine: the wounded masculine, the wounded feminine, the divine masculine and the divine feminine.


The wounded masculine is the masculine that is still dominating today. It is aggressive, violent, belligerent, harsh, brutal, competitive, cut off from its emotions and feelings, insensitive, cruel, cynical, it doesn’t allow itself to cry (or laugh), feel and show its vulnerability. It blames, condemns, punishes, threatens and takes revenge. It is the model for the God of monotheistic religions.

The wounded feminine is also the feminine that is still dominating today. It is jealous, manipulative, falsely weak, victimized, needy, entitled, and wants to be saved. It seduces to deceive and get what it wants, and is self-righteous and keen on preaching and lecturing others. It is the model for the Satan of monotheistic religions.


The divine feminine precedes the divine masculine (in the Tarot, the High Priestess comes before the Hierophant, the Empress before the Emperor, the Moon before the Sun). It is the womb, the uterus, the vault, the formless in which the physical world takes shape. Its role is to provide its offsprings with a space to live, expand, flourish and express safely and confidently, in love and abundance. It is its joy, delight and purpose. The divine feminine is a brave, stable, well-grounded principle within which its children can grow, thrive and play together in harmony while it holds the primordial space with firmness and authority. It also idea-lizes what is to come. As the non-aggression principle, it is one of the two pillars of enlightenment: the Chalice.

The divine masculine supports the divine feminine. Its role is to protect, assist and help it carry out its mission and fulfill its calling: the masculine is in service to the feminine, executes its commands, relies on its wisdom, its vision, its vastness, its motherly intelligence and makes sure that the feminine can freely create and nurture. The divine masculine is happy to take a back seat and to not ‘overshadow’ its Goddess, which makes it a God. It acts, builds, makes, manifests and materializes. As the self-defense principle, it is the other pillar of enlightenment: the Blade.

The Chalice and the Blade in a circle form the hexagram symbolizing equilibrium and unified love in a human being.


The wound of the feminine consists in a feeling of failure, of disappointing, of not being up to the job: conflicts, disagreements, energy stealing appeared in the Universe. Souls were competing to find Home again (think Star Wars and other Star Trek). The feminine abdicated and thought it wise to hand over its task to the masculine which, out of love and despite the fact that it was neither its role nor in its domain of expertise, accepted this responsibility to relieve the feminine. That is what caused the wound of the masculine: the feeling of having to save. Out of that wound were born the wounded warrior aspect, wars, invasions, and all the excuses to plunder, destroy, torture, harm, kill, rape, and rob the 'enemy', in other words negate its existence, annihilate it, devastate it, because without the gnosis of the feminine, it operates blindly. The ‘enemy’ now includes the feminine itself which, over time, has become a threat as it wants to reclaim its legitimate place and role.


These imbalances are visible everywhere across the spectrum of dysfunctional behaviors that play out over the entire planet: military, political, geopolitical, medical, pharmaceutical, food, sport, religion, sexuality, interpersonal relationships (family, friendship, love, work, and even parenting), trade, business, banking, the economy etc. The power struggles that we observe all around us are replicas at various scales and degrees of the dissension between the wounded masculine and feminine, the domineering, oppressive masculine and the dominated, submissive feminine that yielded its power. Balance is nowhere to be found.


Those power struggles are sadomasochistic type of dynamics that we usually restrict to a highly eroticized and marginal sexuality where pain is addictive and a source of pleasure (the pleasure of the victim who loves their abuser is a pattern that is found in many different contexts as the expression 'Stockholm syndrome' suggests, and is not limited to situations involving hostages). They are also chivalry-gallantry type of dynamics such as the distorted version of the syndrome of the damsel in distress waiting for her knight in shining armor to save her. Those are scenarios of emotional, psychic and energetic co-dependency that lead to self-sabotage. In truth, for those scenarios to unfold, it is necessary to perceive oneself as being persecuted and devoid of personal power and sovereignty.


That is why the integration of the masculine and feminine within is so critically important. The stakes are huge because in order to live on a peaceful planet, it is imperative that every single one of its inhabitants knows what they are made of and how they operate. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung substantially participated in the unveiling of those dynamics in the Western world: the principles of animus (masculine) and anima (feminine) are the sexual energies that we want to reunify within.

Understanding and knowing oneself - Know Thyself as was carved on the pediment of the temple in Delphi, Greece - is the path back to our identity as gods and goddesses.

However humble the explanation offered in this article may be, it is undoubtedly possible to start a deep process of recognizing in yourself each of the four polarities on your own. Then, dear Reader, you are free to ask for help from your guides, angels, the Feminine itself, the Masculine itself: Sophia & Logos*; Asherah & Yahweh; Isis & Osiris; Ishtar & Tammuz; Mary-Magdalene & Yeshua, Portia & St Germain… in order to dance the most beautiful dance:

A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul,

so as to unite him with Source;

Her lowest calling is to seduce,

separating man from soul

and leave him aimlessly wandering.

A man’s highest calling is to protect woman,

so she is free to walk the earth unharmed. ( she can unite him with Source.)

His lowest calling is to ambush

and force his way into the life of a woman.

- Cherokee Proverb


Please share respectfully with clear credit to the author and active links to this website. For good karma...


We are in an age of desinformation, seduction, lies, and immaturity where intelligence, purity, and truth are the first victims. The content of this blog aims at restoring the bases of an emotionally and spiritually sound and enlightened society. It may feel a bit extreme and maybe offensive to some people. Truth, in essence, is immutable and wages war against falsehood. Therefore, it is quite naturally belligerent and triggers the vain, superficial, and immature ego only used to getting its ways and immediate gratification. It is its role and goal: get out of the state of hypnosis and mental control that a vast majority of people in this world are in, and raise awareness in this age of darkness and complacency. I wish to make it clear that I do not write these articles to be nice, or not nice for that matter, but to serve the Great Cause which is universal Love and the return of the Goddess, our divine Mother. Facing the truth takes great courage (the root of which is cor in Latin, meaning ‘heart’, therefore having courage takes heart). The wisdom offered on this blog reflects the mission I’m on since without truth, we lose our freedom altogether. The stifling lack of truth these days explains for the equally stifling presence of modern slavery which, let’s make no mistake about it, is the current condition of the human race.

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