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What Is the Role of the 7 Chakras During Ascension?

7 chakra symbols, healing crystals
7 chakras, 7 energy centers, 7 wheels, 7 seals from base to crown to reach emotional & spiritual mastery.

☥ Welcome to my Mystery School – The Temples of Isis ☥

Ascension is a specific process of vibratory elevation as you leave one paradigm of lower frequency, that the word ‘patriarchy’ encompasses rather well, to reach a dimension of higher frequency.

In order to achieve that, you must purify yourself and courageously plunge into the core of your shadow (emotional, mental, etheric, spiritual bodies) to transmute it. By neutralizing your emotions, examining your be-lie-fs, lightening your energetic field and clearing your karma, you free yourself from density and get closer to your angelic identity and constitution.

This ascending motion also happens in the body (‘as above so below’). It is about leaving behind modes of operating based in the lower three chakras in order to ascend toward the higher chakras.


  1. Root chakra - Muladhara (red) // 'I have' [adrenal glands]: it is about the conservation and survival instinct, the right to exist, the relationship with the world and the biological family. When it is balanced, you enjoy a good vitality level and a strong physical energy. When it is imbalanced, the feeling of safety is missing, tendencies of escapism and an avoidance to deal with reality can settle in.

  2. Sacral chakra - Svadhisthana (orange) // 'I want' [testicles, ovaries]: center of sexuality, creativity and one-on-one relationships. When it is balanced, you have a sociable, open, good-tempered personality, you allow yourself to take pleasure in life. When it is imbalanced, it affects your ability to receive the gifts of life, including love, it leads you to reject your own life force energy and you have difficulties toward one or both genders. This is the center where emotions such as shame and guilt are locked, therefore causing controlling behaviors.

  3. Solar plexus chakra - Manipura (yellow) // 'I can' [pancreas, adrenal glands]: center of willpower, self-determination, the intellect, personal power and authority. When it is balanced, this chakra rules over inner knowledge, well-being, self-control and sovereignty. When it is imbalanced, it leads to a feeling of powerlessness accompanied by arrogance, repressed anger, false humility, victimhood, and the fear of losing what you love.

  4. Heart chakra - Anahata (green) // 'I love' [thymus gland]: seat of love, balance, self-acceptance. When it is balanced, it emits feelings of love, safety, kindness and benevolence and allows you to be connected to your mission. When it is imbalanced, the need to reason dominates in order to justify a lack of indulgence and magnanimity (‘hardened heart’ or, on the contrary, overnurturing, overprotective, possessive personality).

  5. Throat chakra - Vishuddha (blue / turquoise) // 'I speak' [thyroid gland]: seat of sound, voice, vibration, true communication and deep truths. It is related to verbal and creative expression. When it is balanced, it allows you to relay and assert your truth in a loving and relaxed manner, be in your passion and comprehend the world in a global, holistic way. When it is imbalanced, it leads to a loss of clarity which comes from absorbing other people’s points of views and having difficulties in perceiving your own beauty and express yourself.

  6. Third eye chakra - Ajna (indigo) // 'I see' [pituitary gland]: this one is related to discernment, intuition, clairvoyance, the capacity to see beyond the veil of amnesia, direct knowing, common sense and the logic of the heart. When it is balanced, it allows you to exert your spiritual talents with integrity, humility and transparency. When it is imbalanced, it leads to spiritual pride, the provision of unsollicited advice, the manipulation of other people’s energy and free will, witchcraft (spells, subjugation), the refusal to engage in an instrospection and the rejection of intuition.

  7. Crown chakra - Sahasrara (violet) // 'I know' [pineal gland]: center of understanding, cognition, wisdom, knowledge, transcendence and divinity. When it is balanced, it allows you to access multidimensional knowledge, embody the new human, the new DNA and evolve toward a higher chakra system by resolving the issue of God. When it is open, a bridge between the human and the divine is established, giving access to grace. When it is imbalanced, it impedes the experience of divine love and maintains you bound to human, romantic love.

There are other chakras above the crown chakra and one below the sole of the foot linking you to the earth. For the sake of this article, the study the seven chakra system is enough.


The opening of those chakras and the goal of ascension is to leave a lifestyle based in survival, reaction and victimhood (lower three chakras) to literally ‘grasp’ your life force energy, a.k.a. your creative sexual energies, and pull it toward the higher chakras.

The act of moving it through the solar plexus (center of willpower, in other words of self-knowledge - ‘Know Thyself’) allows you to reclaim your power in order to let the universal energy (chi, prana) run through you, practice unconditional love and ‘know God.'

This ascension of the energy up the spine is what constitutes the spiritual awakening (kundalini rising in the Hindu tradition; raising the djed in Egyptian alchemy; caduceus; metaphor of the snake, the Uraeus): inner peace, feeling of elevation, void, ecstasy; stage where many adepts and gurus get stuck. In this state, the risks of (spiritual) addictions and psychic attacks (dark entities) still exist because you are still disconnected from your soul.


The real spiritual awakening is about inviting the divine into the space, the void created to activate and utilize your divine gifts and healing abilities deriving from them. That is when the ascension’s complementary movement starts: the descension of the soul, of spirit into the body through the crown chakra, and that you embody the new human and modified DNA. It is another process altogether that sets off and which culminates in the soul merge.

The life force that runs through your energy centers is the transmutational flame that burns and consumes your density. The progress made along the way and the return to purity and innocence are what attracts your beloved. This meeting should humble and encourage you to explore your inner world to grow even more, and commit to one single partner instead of hopping from one to another without looking inside.


That is how you learn to know yourself, know your soul (your other half being an aspect of it), ‘know God’ and then share and radiate your essence with and in the world to participate in the elevation of the frequency of the planet, spread love and goodness without any temptation to create any new spiritual school or system of thought: at this level, it is all about developping an intimate relationship between you and your higher self, anchoring a grounded and loving presence supported by a solid and integrated knowledge, and offering a different experience and template of life thanks to mastery.


Please share respectfully with clear credit to the author and active links to this website. For good karma...


We are in an age of desinformation, seduction, lies, and immaturity where intelligence, purity, and truth are the first victims. The content of this blog aims at restoring the bases of an emotionally and spiritually sound and enlightened society. It may feel a bit extreme and maybe offensive to some people. Truth, in essence, is immutable and wages war against falsehood. Therefore, it is quite naturally belligerent and triggers the vain, superficial, and immature ego only used to getting its ways and immediate gratification. It is its role and goal: get out of the state of hypnosis and mental control that a vast majority of people in this world are in, and raise awareness in this age of darkness and complacency. I wish to make it clear that I do not write these articles to be nice, or not nice for that matter, but to serve the Great Cause which is universal Love and the return of the Goddess, our divine Mother. Facing the truth takes great courage (the root of which is cor in Latin, meaning ‘heart’, therefore having courage takes heart). The wisdom offered on this blog reflects the mission I’m on since without truth, we lose our freedom altogether. The stifling lack of truth these days explains for the equally stifling presence of modern slavery which, let’s make no mistake about it, is the current condition of the human race.

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