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Yule 2023 Tarot Reading

Grimalkin's Tarot, the Devil, Queen of Swords, Yule reading, mistletoe, stag, Druid animal and plant oracles, Carr-Gomm
Yule 2023 Tarot Reading: The Devil & Queen of Swords - Grimalkin's Curious Cats Tarot by MJ Cullinane

In the Druidic tradition, the winter solstice is called Alban Arthan which means 'The Light of Arthur.' What a nice poetic way to start the season! Arthur is equated with the Sun God who is being reborn at this time (well...three days later on December 25, which is the true meaning of Christmas, 'Christmas' being a Christian term; the French word "Noël" means 'New Sun' in the Gaulish language) and it is he who will save the British Isles. So Arthur is the savior.

The lights that we lit in the shapes of candles or fire in the hearth symbolize the victory and return of Light over Darkness.

This is a very special time of year steeped in magic, warmth, celebration, excitement, generostiy, gratitude, anticipation, co-creation, collaboration, family, transmission from our ancestors and finally joy, peace, and love. That is the deep spirit of Yule and Christmas.

So let's celebrate with the Tarot and let's see what this wise voice has to tell us. Welcome to its message!

I asked the Tarot what Yule is shedding its light upon.


We celebrate the winter solstice with a major arcana. The Devil is not necessarily the card we'd like to fall upon on this type of special occasion. Let's remind what the Devil is about though. It is reminding us that this life lesson (major arcana), and potentially change is about letting go of our self-imposed chains. We are going through a time when we are faced with some kind of addiction and...dare I say...finally succeeding at leaving that self-imposed ordeal behind us, the learned and then self-imposed way to operate that was maintaining us prisoners of lower dynamics that had become detrimental to us. Extracting ourselves from those dynamics was a big life lesson that holds the potential of great change for us in the future. We are at the stage when we are taking responsibility for the less-than-favorable circumstances that we have been embroiled in, we are feeling deep in our guts and summoning the necessary energy (maybe in the form of righteous anger) to set ourselves free. It feels like a significant accomplishment because it's taken us many years to get here.

Incidentally, and I don't usually interpret Tarot cards like this but here, it feels appropriate to do so, this Devil energy could come from someone else in our lives who is inextricably caught in the lower dimension, lives their life in a much more materialistic manner and environment than they realize, and are in thrall to habits, beliefs, and attachments that they hang onto for fear of letting go and because of a need to control, leading them to a hardened, despiritualized mental setup that cuts them off of their emotions and heart.


This queen is of the mind (Swords) and reminds us that we can indeed lead our life with righteousness, dignity, clarity, and sagacity, especially if we are dealing with this Devil energy in our life. We will need it! She is here to remind us too that at this time of Yule, the darkness and the light are dancing together, one yielding ground to the other, and so while this is happening, it is not the time to let our emotions overtake us. What we need is clear-sightedness in order to stay on top of the situation and not be dragged into drama (which could be one of the addictions of the Devil). Yule is here, Christmas is here and the focus should be on joy, peace, cooperation, sharing, celebration and for now, that's it. Preserve your joy via a clear choice in your mind that will be validated in your heart. Your inner Queen of Swords is here to protect you, show you the way even if Swords can feel a little cold. Cold leads to warmth in this case and that is called balance.


It's a bit of a strange and unexpected Yule reading we have here but it feels accurate nonetheless. Maybe it's because Christmas especially can feel both joyous and sad that we are invited to keep a cool head and stay relaxed. Sometimes, that is the best way to enjoy the festivities and not let anything spoil the joy: no killjoy is allowed in the party; no party pooper is allowed to enter the house and that is a victory over the temptation to indulge in old destructive ways of misplaced compassion. Therefore this time of gladness and glee can be put to use along our path of evolution. It is a necessary festive date to draw the strength from within to assert our priorities. Let us not forget that the Devil is highlighting (the need for) a breach. The Queen of Swords is helping us to manifest that. Spiritual people need to reconcile themselves with the energy of Swords which is mental effectiveness, and to not be swallowed by and drowned in emotions and too big a tendendy to fix others and let them get away with immature and irresponsible behaviors. Authority and tough love are essential for balance and it may be exactly what is needed to sublimate this sweet time of year.


Stag brings us pride, independence and purification. It is an animal that is associated with Yule and the qualities of grace and majesty, which are reminiscent of the Queen of Swords who is also proud and independent. This is the exact kind of energy that we need at this time. Stag shows us how to maintain our integrity in the face of what may look like trouble (addictions? drama queens? etc). Stag will protect us if we ask his spirit to, and we will then be able to feel calmer and more dignified. He will also guide us to spiritual self-sufficiency. In Ogham, the Druid language of the sacred trees, Stag is related to the birch tree and the number one, which is auspicious at this time of rebirth.


Mistletoe's gifts are healing, fertility, and inspiration. Let's first notice an overlap with Stag who also offers fertility. Mistletoe is the plant that the Druids cut off with a sickle on the 6th day of the waxing moon as it is shown on the card. We are told that Mistletoe indicates that a period of difficulty is over and that all is being healed. A new cycle dawns which should be cared for and nurtured like a little baby. This seems to echo the first message of the Devil card. With its energies of fertility and inspiration, Mistletoe will look after our new start.


A very rich reading despite a 'slow start' as we observe that the various cards and energies do make sense and support each other. Despite the potential for troublemaking and the weight of old ways bogging us down, we are well forewarned and equipped (armed?) to face the threats, be it a simple slant to slight depression. With the Queen of Swords, Stag and Mistletoe, we have some exceptional friends here who will pull us 'high and bright.'

Healing Crystals

Eilat stone, emerald, Herkimer diamond

Oracle Cards

The Druid Animal Oracle - Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

The Druid Plant Oracle - Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm



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